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Our History

Nestled amongst thousands of acres of picturesque farmland, Bel-Lago is Ocala’s most unique gated community.

To fully understand the concept of Bel-Lago, one must first understand developer Peter Rosbeck’s story:

A few years ago, while pondering over a leaflet about our conservation areas that have been set aside for our community, I happened to focus in on what appeared to be a dot in the middle of a large conservation area of about 8,000 acres, known as Ross Prairie. Just out of curiosity, I got in my truck and went over to see what this little dot on this conservation map really was all about. Much to my surprise, it was a beautiful farm called Bluebird Farm. It had those majestic live oaks that we all dream of having in our backyard. It had ponds and lakes. I spent years trying to acquire it. I didn’t acquire it for conventional development. I acquired it partly for preservation. I went about bringing together some expert planners on open space planning, people who were able to identify what needed to be saved and not just what needed to be built. In the process I think I have been able to put together one of the most innovative open space plans that might be, certainly in Florida, and maybe someday we might be able to thing a little bit beyond Florida, as to how this plan might be able to influence open space planning everywhere.

Rosbeck’s plan was to look into protecting this land forever. “We now have been able to present [Bel-Lago] as a place to live. A place that is protected, a place that is gated, a place that will only have 120 homes on over 600 acres. Bel -Lago is more than just 600 acres. It is 600 acres protected by over 8,000 acres.

Bel-Lago, which translates to “beautiful lake” in Italian, is the perfect name for this luxurious new community. “We wanted to find something that would fit in with the nature and curvature of the land.”  The development comprises four distinct hamlets, or small villages; each of which is clustered on 150 acres of land surrounding a crystal clear lake. Each hamlet offers 12 lakefront properties on over an acre of land with panoramic water views. And for the equestrians at heart, Bel-Lago has graciously included 18 multi-acre farmsteads with their own private pastures. The unique land design ensures that each home site offers maximum privacy with pasture or lake separation. 

“You must experience Bel-Lago for yourself, though. One visit is all it takes.”
The unified Tuscan theme of Bel-Lago is one the community’s most valuable amenities. In Tuscany, the farmhouses have been sheltering families for generations. The look is that of a house broken into component, just as they were in Tuscany. As families grew, out buildings were created. Therefore, memories exist in every stone. Tuscan Home Builders, the exclu- sive builder of Bel-Lago, strives to continue these influences in their vision. The use of old- world tones and textures are everywhere, from the colored barrel roofing tiles to the 17th century style street lighting.

A Sense of Well Being

“Homes at Bel-Lago are at least 40 percent more energy efficient to heat and cool than the traditional method. This efficiency is achieved through the use of a variety of innovative components, such as the Icynene Insulation System and Andersen triple glazed windows. These, as well as many other energy saving products, are specifically used to create a lifestyle with a sense of wellbeing.

Rosbeck’s innovative group of developers has designed all of the homes in such a way as to minimize natural disaster damage. Hurricanes, floods, wildfires, and termites have been specifically targeted during the planning and construction phases. Their potential impacts have been greatly diminished through the use of carefully designed systems proven to guard against these situations.

The Bel-Lago team has taken many meticulous steps to guarantee the success of this project. They established a vision that embraces sustainable principles and an integrated design approach. Over time, the home’s performance can be assured through measurement, adjustment and upgrading. Recent studies show that building with good overall environmental quality can reduce the rate of respiratory disease, allergy, asthma and other symptoms related to building. Only at Bel-Lago, great care has been taken to assure the occupant’s health in many ways.

Materials and interior finish products, such as stone countertops and zero VOC paints, drastically reduce emissions that can become trapped in the building. Also, fireplaces are vented to the exterior to remove carbon dioxide. Carpets and substrates are free and clear of urea-formaldehyde. Tuscan Home Builders is able to prevent indoor mold contamination through the selection of materials resistant to microbial growth, providing effective drainage from the roof and surrounding landscape, installing adequate ventilation in bathrooms, etc.


The Rosbeck Family

The Rosbeck family has been building custom homes and developing neighborhoods for decades in Nantucket and Martha ’s Vineyard. Peter’s two sons currently operate Rosbeck Builders in New England. “I have two sons and my sons are carrying on the tradition of building quality, custom homes. That’s what we are here to do for you at Bel-Lago. It’s an easy process. Tell us what you want and we’ll build it for you within the Tuscan theme that we have established for this community.” 

In his own words in an interview for VINEYARD STYLE in 2001. His passion is for larger scale residential development. “l love neighborhoods,” he says. “l love the dynamic of bringing people together, and finding the synergy between humans and natural amenities. I love standing amongst oaks and incredible vista with a field of grazing horses next to a beautiful pond”. Developing in Martha’s Vineyard where his son now leads Rosbeck Builders as the best contractors in the island is the experience you want in a developer for this unique project.

Peter Sr. cut his teeth on real-estate development while helping to revitalize the town of Quechee, Vermont, in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Read entire article “A FAMILY PORTRAIT – THE ROSBECKS”.

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