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The year is 1760, on a cool March evening. The soft music of babbling water is joined by the clatter of a handsome carriage as it rolls through stone arches in the lush Tuscan forest…
In Tuscany, the farmhouses have been sheltering families for generations. Memories linger in every stone. Tuscan Home Builders strives to continue these influences in their vision for Bel~Lago. The use of old-world tones and textures are all around you, from the colored barrel roofing tiles to the 17th century-style street lighting and signage.
The unified architectural theme of Bel~Lago is one of its most valuable amenities. Maintaining this theme of common building features, material choices, and landscape practices is orchestrated by sensible, protective covenants that ensure your investment for generations to come. 

Pleasant and Healthy Living

Construction materials and interior finish products such as stone countertops and Zero VOC paints drastically reduce emissions that can become trapped in the building. Fireplaces are vented to the exterior to remove carbon dioxide. Urea-formaldehyde has been excluded from carpets and substrates. Fresh air and a high-efficiency, in-duct filtration system are used. Heating and cooling systems are designed to be positively pressurized to stop uncontrolled intrusion of warm humid air. Laundry rooms are equipped with mini-supply/return systems so as not to consume large amounts of conditioned air from the home. The insulation systems provide for HVAC ductwork under air, virtually eliminating mold in the transmission lines. We are preventing indoor mold contamination through the selection of materials resistant to microbial growth, providing effective drainage from the roof and surrounding landscape, installing adequate (quiet) ventilation in bathrooms, allowing proper drainage of air-conditioning coils, and designing other building systems to control humidity.

The Bel~Lago community embodies many unique features designed to maximize your security, privacy and well being. Accessways/Security The Bel~Lago community embodies many unique features designed to maximize your security, privacy and well being. As one enters the stone archway of the entranceway gatehouse, a friendly face greets residents and visitors 24 hours a day. The gate attendant will handle your mail & packages while keeping you and your family safe. Great care has been taken to embellish on the natural amenities of this historic farmland. The roadway system is no exception. Designed to minimize through traffic, the tree-lined accessways guide your guests directly to your home. This design provides maximum security, while making it easy for your guests to find their way. This design feature will clearly limit vehicles passing by your home with the exception of your closest neighbors.

Homes at Bel~Lago are at least 40% more energy efficient to heat and cool than the current code standard dictates. These measures are achieved through the use of a variety of innovative components including The Icynene Insulation System®, high SEER heat pumps, sealed HVAC ducts and Anderson® triple glaze windows. These products were specifically used to create a synergistic system that not only performs more efficiently but also provides a more comfortable living environment.

Bel~Lago is within minutes of major hospitals, schools, shopping and natural recreation, thereby reducing travel distance. The site is also a preservation paradise with grand-daddy Live Oaks in abundance. Special care is taken to minimize disturbance of the soils and control runoff during construction. Storm water runoff is directed to, and retained on-site as a practical function of the beautiful lakes.

Bel~Lago have been designed to blend natural lighting with high efficiency general use as well as task lighting to provide a complimentary light spectrum that fits the needs of the homeowners. Special care has been taken to filter infrared natural light so as to limit the intrusion of heat and the damaging portion of the light spectrum. Appliances are all Energy Star rated, including the Euro-style washer and dryer.

Bel~Lago means ‘beautiful lake’ in Italian. This certainly is a fitting title for this unique property. The centerpiece of all four of the Bel~Lago hamlets is a pristine, three-to-four acre lake attractive to wildlife and working in concert with the progressive water management systems in place within the development.

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